Make a Splash with the Elkay Third Quarter featured products.

2020 Third Quarter Bonus Products:

Earn $50 for Crosstown® farmhouse sink with Interchangeable Apron™, Quartz Luxe™ with Perfect Drain®, Dart Canyon™, and fireclay kitchen sink.

Here is what you earn in our standard program:

  1. $25 for qualified Quartz Luxe with standard drain and Lustertone Iconix™ undermount and dual mount sink.
  2. $10 for qualified Quartz Classic® and Crosstown® undermount and dual mount sink.
  3. $10 for qualified fireclay bar sink.
  4. $5 for qualified faucets, including new Matte Black and Black Stainless!
    (Does not include Everyday faucets).

It's never been easier to add up all the extra cash for selling Elkay.

Check here for a full list of qualifying products.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions click here.

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