A multi-faceted gem to showcase Elkay's most brilliant products

Elkay's Diamond Design Program was created to allow wholesalers with a dedicated showroom an opportunity to recapture funds used to display Elkay's inventive products. The community of designers to wholesalers, to architects, and builders to retailers can expect to see, hear and read about Elkay's imaginative and functional products in more ways and places than ever before! All benefit from the facets of the Diamond Design Program.

Program Requirements

All Elkay wholesalers or K&B showrooms, who have a dedicated display area, as well as a dedicated attendant, may participate. The more products a showroom has on display, the more benefits they are eligible for.

Program Allowances

We offer two different allowances - Display Product and Construction Allowance. Each of these is available to Showrooms who display products that meet the Marquis and Diamond level showroom requirements.

Program Promotion

Elkay will help drive traffic to your showroom by listing your showroom or display location on our website at elkay.com. The new Elkay websites have been designed to offer complete content that can be accessed easily, along with a robust search feature. The "Where to Buy" page that directs consumers to the nearest location where they can see Elkay brand products.

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Elkay's 2024 Diamond Design Showroom Program

Program Overview

The program is based on the number of products on display.


All Elkay wholesalers and showrooms who have a dedicated display area may participate in the Diamond Showroom Program. The Showroom level is based on the number of Elkay branded products a showroom has on display.


There are two Showroom levels (Diamond and Marquis) for all Showrooms.

Product Grouping Marquis
Product Display Requirements by Display Type
Sinks 8 4
Faucets 6 2
Accessories 8 4
Drains are included as an accessory.

Program Allowances

We offer two different allowances - Product for Showroom Display and Display Construction Allowance. Each of these is available to Elkay Marquis & Diamond Showrooms that display products. These programs are available to those companies that meet the display criteria of the program.

Product for Showroom Display

Construction Allowances

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Showroom Promotion


Elkay continues to build its brands through increased trade audience exposure, including designers, architects, plumbing experts and kitchen and bath showrooms. Each year we set forth a media plan that optimizes available dollars for these audiences through a mix of online and offline messaging.

New Products

To help you build your business with the power of the Elkay brand, we will continue to introduce new sink and faucet visual merchandising programs, including sink stands and displays, faucet pods and graphics. Our goal is to have the best of what Elkay has to offer on the showroom floor.

Public Relations

Elkay also continues to build its brands through non-paid media exposure. We cultivate relationships with leading editors, producers and freelance writers, who collectively generate content that engages our target audiences, which include designers, architects, plumbing experts, kitchen and bath showrooms, as well as consumers and other channel audience members, such as those that serve hospitality, education, food service, government and more. Additionally we are members of a number of leading associations including, but not limited to, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Plumbing Manufacturers' Institute (PMI).

Program Training

Regional Sales Managers work with Elkay Diamond Design Showrooms to assist and provide their industry expertise. The Merchandising Managers will call on Independent Kitchen and Bath Dealers, Builders, sponsors of Parade of Homes and sponsors of House Walks - all in an effort to increase the visibility and prosperity of showrooms. The Learn & Earn program is active again, with new opportunities to learn more about Elkay's offering while getting cash for doing so. Look in the lower left corner of the elkaydd.com website home page for the button. Click on the button and take the quiz.

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Elkay Diamond Design Showroom Consultant Program

All details relating to the Elkay Diamond Showroom Consultant Program can be found under Spiff Details.